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Kittens are sold vaccinated, dewormed, sterilized and registered with the South African Cat Council (www.tsacc.org.za).  The kittens are raised in a home environment so are well socialized and used to children, dogs and household noises. Kittens go to their new homes when they are 14 weeks old.  At this age they have developed the physical and social stability needed to adapt easily to new owners and environment, showing, or being transported by air.

Our breeding cats are tested for HCM on an annual basis and any cat testing positive will be sterilized and removed from our breeding programme. Kittens will only be sold if they are healthy and free of infectious disease at the time of purchase.

While an ASH cat generally does not require much grooming, it is still essential to introduce this regime into their routine at an early age. This  results in a smoother shinier coat with a decrease in the amount of shedding that can occur. Although an ASH does not normally require a bath, if you are going to show your cat a bath a few weeks before the show is recommended.

For safety we suggest that the cat is kept indoors at all times unless it is supervised whilst outdoors.  It may sound cruel, but the ASH tends to be a bit of a couch potato and our cats are used to being indoors with outdoor exercise being limited to mornings and evenings when we are home.  As one of the major causes of cat injury/death is car accidents (which we know from personal experience as my husband is a vet) we feel that this is a small price to pay for your cat’s longevity.  

Please do not declaw you cat. Provide sufficient toys and a cat scratch posts which they will use instead of the furniture, and clip the nails regularly

If you have other cats in your house please keep the kitten separately (quarantined) for 72 hours after arrival  to ensure that during this stressful time the kitten’s immune system is not compromised.

ASH kittens love to play with toys so please provide balls, bells and teasers and, of course, lots of your time. Although they may not want to be cuddled as much as other breeds of cat they do crave attention and love to be around people.

If you can no longer keep your kitten/cat, please notify us first and we will try to help you find the cat a new home.


Kashew's Angkor Rinpoche
Owner: dave@walstra.co.za

Kashew's Rolls Royce
Owner: barbourm@telkomsa.net

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